Which Dress is Right for Me?

A dress style that suits you, is very personal. With 12 different styles available, in different lengths and fabrics, we hope there is a style that suits everyone!

Most prints are available on all styles, use the handy comparison table below to find the right dress for you! Click on any yellow column name to sort by that feature, or type a few letters into the Search field to filter and only show matching styles.

Dresses Comparison

PhotoStyle NameSleeve LengthSkirt Length *Overall FitFabricSeason
Bodycon DressSleevelessMini (mid-thigh)FittedPolyester BlendSummer
Sleeveless DressSleevelessMini (mid-thigh)FlaredPolyester BlendSummer
Cotton Racerback DressSleevelessMini (mid-thigh)FlaredCotton BlendSummer
Sweetheart Strapless Skater DressSleevelessMini (mid-thigh)FlaredCotton BlendSummer
Halter Vintage Style DressSleevelessMidi (knee-length)FlaredPolyester BlendSummer
Fitted Split Maxi DressSleevelessMaxi (ankle length)FittedCotton BlendSummer
Flared Maxi DressSleevelessMaxi (ankle length)FlaredCotton BlendSummer
Short Sleeve DressShort SleeveMini (mid-thigh)FlaredPolyester BlendSummer
Sweetheart Midi DressShort SleeveMidi (below knee)FlaredPolyester BlendSummer
Longsleeve Bodycon DressLongsleeveMini (mid-thigh)FittedPolyester BlendSpring, Autumn, Winter
Longsleeve Skater DressLongsleeveMini (mid-thigh)FlaredPolyester BlendSpring, Autumn, Winter
Velvet Longsleeve DressLongsleeveMini (mid-thigh)FlaredVelvetWinter

* = The skirt length is only an average. The length of each dress varies with size, smaller sizes are shorter than larger ones. If you are short in height but need a larger size, the dress may fall longer on you than indicated. Conversely, if you are tall in height but need a smaller size, the dress may fall shorter on you than indicated. The models in the photos are all around 5″6-5″7 and all wearing a size Small.

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