Magic Kingdom Map Hooded Windbreaker

This is a sample of the Hooded Windbreaker Jacket, in the Magic Kingdom Map print with contrasting sleeves. A lovely lightweight and easy to pack jacket, it features a sturdy zip, outside and inside pockets, and a fully customizable hood. It’s available in Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ sizes, and also comes in a non-hooded variety. I DO love this jacket – it’s so easy to stuff into any corner of a bag – but the main reason I’m not carrying it in my product range, is that they’re not shower proof, splash proof only. For me personally, if I bought a jacket like that, I’d expect it to be waterproof as well, to keep me dry during a Florida rain shower. These, unfortunately, can only withstand drizzle or light rain. However, they are GREAT at sheltering you from the wind, and can be customized with any print or pattern.

Wind breaker jackets are available upon request only.